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Monday, October 1, 2012

Planning the Party at Home

As well as doing parties in large event venues, a major part of our business is the "at home" party. They can be dinners for as few as 15 or as many as 75; or a cocktail party for 35 or 125. This depends, obviously, on physical space and party format.

What makes a successful party is not only excellent food and service, but careful planning. As a guest at parties, I've sometimes waited on one snaky buffet line where two lines would have made a big difference and reduced waiting time. As a catering professional, I could easily see that this problem could have been solved by simply having two smaller buffets or a duplicate station at one buffet. Many of us can also identify with trying to negotiate a drink in a crowded and noisy bar area where putting the bar in a better location would have alleviated the problem.  A big part of our catering service is to work with clients to provide the best possible plan to avoid these pitfalls.

Hosts often don't think so, but planning aspects of a small party are equally important as for larger events. Every party needs the same attention to detail; the larger parties obviously have more details to attend to. Use your caterer's expertise; we have more to offer than just good menus.  

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